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Longino Law: Experts in High-Net-Worth and Complex Asset Divorces

Longino Law provides legal representation to high net worth individuals, or their spouses, going through divorce. Such cases require early and thorough consideration of numerous issues, including the ownership of significant assets, complex investments, retirement accounts, offshore or foreign assets, fiduciary duty breaches (like waste), and tax effects. These issues, handled poorly, can result in excessive legal costs (while both sides try to get a grasp on the issues) or harm a client's case. Longino Law offers practical solutions to these problems by breaking down complex issues into simpler concepts and knowing when the use of forensic accountants to trace assets or determine the character of property is warranted. Navigating complex asset cases doesn't have to be hard.


No Legal Separation

The lack of legal separation in Texas means community property continues to accrue while a divorce is being litigated unless there is a premarital agreement that says otherwise. The fact that the "earning spouse" continues to contribute divisible assets to the marriage can mean that fighting for a "fair" division that minimizes the assets going to the other spouse can, in fact, result in them receiving more property anyway.


Identifying and Litigating Complex Issues in Asset Division

Ownership of complex investments, such as closely held businesses, partnerships, RSUs, real estate, preferred stock, options, cryptocurrencies, and interests in trusts, can complicate a case. Longino Law helps clients understand and litigate these issues.


Navigating Issues Beyond the Division of Property

The operation of time or actions of a party can increase the complexity of a case: assets owned before marriage require tracing to undo commingling, a spouse may improperly dispose assets that requires reconstitution. Longino Law helps clients identify and litigate these issues.


Other Issues in High-Net-Worth Divorces

A high net worth individual with substantial separate property can create other issues beyond the division of property, such as eligibility for spousal maintenance and deviation from child support guidelines. Learn more about these issues by reading our blog on this topic.


Experienced Legal Assistance from a Board Certified Family Law Specialist

Longino Law was founded by Tristan H. Longino, a former judge of the 245th Family District Court in Harris County, Texas, who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Further, Tristan has a background in finance, both educational and professional, and years of experience dealing with high asset cases.


Longino Law can help you navigate the complexities of your case while avoiding excessive litigation costs and obtaining the most favorable terms possible. Contact Longino Law today to schedule a consultation with our Houston high net worth divorce attorneys and benefit from the expertise of a Board Certified Family Law Specialist with a deep understanding of both finance and the law.

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