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Longino Law: Houston LGBTQ+ Family Lawyers

Longino Law is a Houston-based law firm that specializes in LGBTQ+ family law issues. The firm is experienced in handling complex family law matters such as same-sex divorce, child custody and support, adoption, and more.


Same-Sex Family Law Issues

Same-sex family law issues can introduce some additional complexities, as our statutes in Texas have not caught up to the law of the land under Obergefell v. Hodges. For instance, the courts and legal profession are still working through some issues. For example, presumptions of parentage refer to paternity. Additionally, there has been ongoing litigation on the issue of whether parties could agree to be married to have a valid informal (common law) marriage before Obergefell, when Texas had it's own Defense of Marriage Act in effect. A final example is what recognition to provide to a civil union obtained in another state (prior to Obergefell) but the parties now reside in Texas: what is their legal status?


Resolving Same-Sex Family Law Challenges

Longino Law understands the unique set of legal issues that come with being part of a same-sex couple in Texas, particularly when it comes to matters such as divorce, parentage, child custody, adoption, and property division.


Longino Law: Defending Your Rights and Family

If you need assistance with any aspect of your same-sex family in the Houston area, contact Longino Law today. The firm was founded by Tristan H. Longino, a Harris County Family District Court judge who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. With over a decade of experience in family law, former judge Longino has a deep understanding of the legal system and the challenges that same-sex couples face. We are dedicated to helping same-sex couples navigate the legal process and achieve the best possible outcome for their family.


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